Strange marriage: The daughter-in-law who divorced her husband and married her uncle ..!

us woman marries ex husbands father: It has become common these days to get married if you like, divorce after a while and then marry someone else. Especially more common though in countries like America. However, a strange incident has recently come to light in America. A woman named Erica divorced her husband and married his father. It has to be said that this is a somewhat strange pleasant marriage.

Erica, who lives in the Kentucky area, married a man named Justin‌ a few years ago. They also had a son. The Konnals went well with their caper. For a while there was strife in their affairs. One’s views are not to the liking of the other. Why stay together when opinions do not meet with this? Did not want to separate. So the two also got divorced.

Erica then fell in love with another man named Jeff. Jeff, whom Erica loved, was no other than Justin’s stepfather. That means Erica is the stepfather to the old husband. He is 29 years older than Erica. But the age of love is unknown. So despite a generation gap they both liked each other.

Erica recently married her one-time uncle, Jeff. Justin could not believe that his wife Erica was now his aunt. Another twist here is that Erica’s new husband stays in the same house with her old husband. The three now live together in the same house. That’s Western trends like America. Of course not only in America but also in many other countries.

Mother who married step son

However, in Russia, it is known that the incident where a woman divorced her husband and married the son of a younger husband was viral. Influencer Marina Balmasheva married 45-year-old Array ten years ago. Array already has a ten-year-old son. Marina also cared for him as much as her son. However, Marina divorced him a few months ago due to rivalries with Array. Began to live alone.

However, her son Vladimir, who grew up with her for ten years, could not leave the marina. More than 20 years have passed for Vladimir. Although Marina divorced her father, Vladimir did not abandon her. He was always meeting her. With this, Marina felt that what was between them was not a mother-son bond, but more than that. She said the word in her mind to Vladimir. He also agreed.

They decided to continue their love with marriage. Her ex-husband was heartbroken when he heard the news. The ex-wife, who had gotten all the comforts with him, was shocked to know that he would return as an aunt. But, the son reluctantly welcomed their decision with a big mind. With this the two were legally married. After that a son was born to them. Marriages do not seem to be a big deal in Western countries like this. It is very difficult to say who will be who and what will happen.