Suicide of mother-daughter who did not raise money for marriage

Khammam: Two daughters have committed suicide along with their mother for not providing money for the wedding. The tragic incident took place at Gandhi Chowk in Khammam city. Gopalapuram Prakash has been living in Gandhi Chowk with his wife Govindamma (48) and two daughters Radhika (30) and Ramya (28) for the last 25 years. Prakash is working on gold refining in Mahabubabad. Goes in the morning and arrives home at 10pm. However, they were recently engaged to be married to their eldest daughter Radhika. The wedding is set for January 11. The money for the wedding could not be adjusted as he was from a poor family. Offended, the mother and two daughters committed suicide. Prakash, who came home at night, informed the relatives and the police next door that the door had not been opened. Police arrived at the scene, broke down the door and went inside to find the three dead. Relatives of the deceased have complained that they committed suicide by drinking a chemical used to polish gold at home due to financial difficulties. The bodies were shifted to Khammam Government Hospital. The police have registered a case to this extent and are investigating. Read this .. Car collides with lorry: Mass rape before the husband of three dead!