TDP: Chittoor: YCP activists attack former CM’s younger brother’s car .. extreme tension – attack on tdp leaders nallari kishore kumar reddy and others at chittoor district

Attack on TDP leaders in Chittoor district YSSRCP activists attacked leaders’ cars in the Kurabalkota zone. The incident took place while B. was on his way to visit the family of a deceased activist in Kottakotta. Several TDP activists were injured in the attack and rushed to hospital. Four cars belonging to TDP leaders were destroyed. The cars of TDP national general secretary Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy and Rajampet TDP Srinivasareddy were destroyed. With this, the situation became tense. The police who entered the field stood in the way of Kishore. Condemning the attack, TDP leaders took to the road there. TDP chief Chandrababu and National General Secretary Nara Lokesh Nallari spoke to Kishore Reddy on the phone. YSSRCP leaders strongly condemned the attack. They immediately demanded the arrest of the accused. Jagan said the attacks were a reflection of the fascist regime and violated the rule of law in the state. With Jagan Anda, the YCP fascist bones are being provoked. When Jagan became the CM, the police system changed. The poor and the common man were left without protection. Lokesh took to Twitter as a platform. ‘Jagan has gone without protection for the people and opposition leaders in the Jungle Kingdom. While TDP leaders Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy and Shankar Yadav were on their way to inspect the dead TDP workers, YSSRCP activists attacked the convoy, but the police were seen playing a spectator role in Andhra Pradesh. Everyone from the head of the fan symbol to the executive are factional minded .. What happened to the police? It is a shame to take people’s money as a salary and work for YSSRCP. Are you a security guard? Is it the soldiers who are targeting the people? ‘He tweeted. Source