Tears of joy, relief after conviction in Floyd’s murder case

MINNEAPOLIS: “Guilty!”: Like a jury murder conviction against a former white policeman Derek Chauvin He was handed over on a loudspeaker on Tuesday, the crowd in front of the Minneapolis the court exploded in joy and relief.
More than 200 people gathered to hear the verdict for the man accused of killing an African-American George Floyd, a cause that sparked protests against racial injustice around the world.
“Guilty on all three counts,” a man announced over a headphone, tears streaming down more than one face in the crowd. “Today we are celebrating justice for our city,” he added.
“I can’t believe it … guilty,” said 28-year-old Lavid Mack, who stood on a concrete block to get a better look at the gathering. He hadn’t thought Chauvin finds him guilty.
A woman stepped out of the crowd, also moved to speak and fell into a friend’s arms.
Another woman, her eyes filled with tears, voiced her relief: “Now we can finally start breathing,” said Amber Young.
“This year has been so traumatic, I’m now hoping for some healing,” he said.
Fists in the air, a group of a dozen people began chanting, “Black power! Black power!”
Before the verdict was announced, one man was waving a bottle of brandy in the crowd, hoping to open it if Chauvin found him guilty.
The road in front of the courthouse was closed to traffic and several overturned vehicles honed their horns in support of the crowd.
In the past week, tensions had been escalating in Minneapolis, which was rocked by massive protests following Floyd’s death last year.
Soldiers from the National Guard had been patrolling the tense city and most of the businesses had gone on their shop fronts in case disturbance broke out again.
The court itself was surrounded by armored vehicles, concrete walls and 10-foot-high metal fences, a testament to the sensitivity of the case that sparked the largest protests over racial and police cruelty in a generation.