Telangana Bhavan in Siddipet

© Namaste Provided by Telangana The first TRS office in Telangana Bhavan districts in Siddipet will be inaugurated today by Chief Minister KCR Narsapuram. K Chandrasekhar Rao will start. ‘Telangana Bhavans’ have been set up in all the district centers to give proper direction to the TRS ranks which have laid strong foundations from the village level to the state level. The CM is inaugurating the first TRS party district office building in the state at Siddipet. In addition, CM KCR‌ will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone for various development projects in Siddipet constituency. The CM will inaugurate a complex of 2,460 double bedroom houses to be built at Narsapuram in Siddipet. Home visits will be made with 144 beneficiaries. CM pays homage to the construction of IT tower at Nagulabanda. A farmer ‘s platform will be opened in Mittapalli, a medical college building complex in the suburb of Ensanpalli and a Ranganaik pond guest house will be opened. Along with CM KCR, Ministers K Tarakaramaravu, Itala Rajender, Vemula Prashant Reddy and Niranjan Reddy will be present. Finance Minister T Harish Rao oversaw the arrangements for CM KCR’s visit to the field for four days. District Collector Venkatram Reddy, Commissioner of Police Joel Davis, officials of various departments and representatives of the people have completed all the arrangements for the visit of the CM KCR. TRS as the party that led the Telangana movement and achieved the state of Telangana self-respecting symbols. Laying strong foundations from the village level to the state level with an army of sixty million activists. The party president and chief minister, KCR, initiated the construction of party offices with the intention of having platforms in the district centers so that the leaders could always interact with the people and guide the party ranks. It was decided to build these as symbols of Telangana self-respect in all the districts. In this context, the construction of party offices in all the districts under the name of Telangana Bhavan is almost complete. The first Telangana Bhavan will be inaugurated in Siddipet on Thursday by Chief Minister KCR. All district offices were built with a uniform design. At a cost of Rs. All activities such as designing and managing party activities, arranging media conferences, etc. will be conducted at the party offices. They will also serve as a base for party ranks coming from other districts and other areas. On the other hand, the construction of the Telangana Bhavan on 1,100 square meters (1327 square yards) of the Vasant Vihar in the national capital, Delhi, is in progress. TRS paid Rs. It is learned that Rs 8.64 crore has been paid to the Central Urban Development Authority. All arrangements for CM’s visit: Minister Harish Rao All arrangements have been made for CM KCR’s visit to Siddipet constituency, Finance Minister Harish Rao said. He said that inaugurations and concreting will be done for various development works. Speaking to media in Siddipet on Wednesday along with MLC Farooq Hussain, DCCB Chairman Devender Reddy and Collector Venkatram Reddy, he said that CM KCR would lay the foundation stone for the IT tower to be constructed at a cost of Rs 45 crore on 3 acres of land between LV Prasad Eye Hospital and Harita Hotel. The agreement will be signed with three IT companies in the presence of IT chief Jayesh Ranjan. This is good news for the 2,000 unemployed in the Siddipet area. Special thanks to Chief Minister KCR and IT Minister KTR for sanctioning the IT tower in Siddipet. He said he was happy that the TRS party had opened its first district office in Siddipet, where the Telangana movement began. He said that besides opening a medical college in Siddipet, CM KCR would lay the foundation stone for a 1,000-bed general hospital. He explained that they will look into the development activities taking place there along with the Necklace Road at Komathicheruvu, which is headquartered in the town itself. Of the 2,460 double-bedroom houses built at Narsapuram at a cost of Rs 163 crore, the beneficiaries will be housed at the hands of CM KCR. He said that houses with all facilities would be constructed and provided to the deserving without spending a single rupee. He said that the colony of these houses was named as KCR Nagar. The CM will inaugurate a guest house built for guests at Ranganaiksagar and view the project. He said the CM would address a public meeting with 10,000 people on the grounds of the degree college.


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