Tension for YCP with the fuss of Chhota leaders ..!

Atramo… ruling party ahamo but .. YCP leaders are coming into the news with more than one controversial issues. Devalla Revathi, the chairperson of one of the largest corporations set up by the government, was insulted for parking her car at Tollgate. At the Kaja toll gate in Guntur .. he did not send his car .. made a fuss. Attacked the toll gate staff. All those scenes went viral on social media. Also appeared on National Channels. Toll gate staff lodged a complaint at the police station against her attack. Police have registered a case against her.

However .. she also immediately counterattacked. He said that he was harassed by the tollgate staff and did not pony up for half an hour. He begged to go quickly as his mother was being taken to the hospital. He said that he has a free pass .. It is not correct to go without paying money. If there is a free pass, what is the point of indulging in it for half an hour? Those who heard her argument did not understand. She made allegations against the tollgate staff and tried to cover them up.

Chotamota YCP leaders… Since the government is theirs .. creating a scene where no one wants to block them .. that party has become a headache for the elders. Devalla Revathi was earlier given a post on a temple board. However .. the devotees took away the sari presented to Amma. They lost that position when the matter came to light. Now .. the toll gate controversy has come to the fore once again.

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