That is the sentiment for Dhoni: that is why he does not do that

What Pragyan Oja said ..

Internet Desk: Former captain of Team India, Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a sentiment, says former cricketer Pragyan Ojha. He recently revealed this while covering a sports channel. That is why before matches, Dhoni does not say goodbye or best of luck to his teammates.

‘Mahi never says goodbye to his players like Goodluck and Bestofluck before matches. Because so far there is a strong belief that when some players say so in a match the results are different. That is why he refuses to say so. He once said goodbye to his players before a match while talking about different sentiments than we all have in public. Also the players of the opposing teams will not meet Mahini before the match. They do not expect any greetings from him, ”Ojha explained.

Meanwhile, the Chennai Super Kings are playing well in the current 14th season of the IPL. Dhoni, who lost to Delhi in the first match, bounced back and won two in a row. It was a solid six-wicket win over Punjab and a 45-run victory over Rajasthan. The next match will be against Kolkata.