The eyelid of the famous music director

How many more tragedies to see..2020 have already disappeared. There are a lot of filmmakers in it. Now came the bitter news. Recently, a star music director passed away. Leading music director Narendra Bhide, who made a name for himself in the Marathi film industry, has passed away. His death at the age of just 47 brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He has a lot of following in Marathi movies. The songs he composed there were sensational. Narendra Bhide excelled in composing songs to impress people of all ages, especially young and old alike. Movie celebrities who can’t digest the sudden death of such a person from a heart attack.

Bhide died at his home in Pune on the morning of December 10. The Marathi film industry mourned the death of Narendra Bhide at the age of just 47, saying it was a huge loss to the industry. The heroes and the producers of the film could not bear his death. They could not digest the fact that the person who worked with them until yesterday was dying of a heart attack as a result. Despite being a civil engineer, Narendra soon became a star music director in the Marathi industry with a passion for music. Worked with all of the small big heroes. Along with plays like A Paying Ghost which came out in 2015, Narendra Bhide has composed music for films like Deol Band, Bioscope, Ubuntu, Pushpak Viman, Harishchandra Factory, Sane Guruji, Sarivar Sari, Mulshi Patron.

His songs caused a stir there. Moreover, Narendra Bhide has made his mark with plays, serials and jingles. Narendra Bhide has won the Zee Gaurav Award 5 times in the Marathi industry. Apart from that Sahyadri Cine Award Osari .. State Drama Award twice .. V Santaram Award, Srikanth Thackeray Award, M.A. He is a one-time winner of Honors and State Film Awards. The Marathi film industry cannot tolerate the death of Narendra Bhide, who has a future like gold. The heroes there said that God wanted peace for his soul.

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