The HomePod mini is now irrelevant – here’s why

Last week, Apple provided one more reason not to buy its smart speakers. This is because you can now stream Apple Music not only through your Alexa speakers, but your Nest speakers as well. Unless you are truly married to the Apple ecosystem or the smart home platform, there is no reason to buy a HomePod or the new HomePod mini.

Do not misunderstand Apple HomePod and HomePod mini sounds great, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a smart speaker either. That’s because the value of a smart speaker is half audio quality and half intelligence, and Apple products lack the latter.

Let’s start with the choice. With Apple, you’re limited to just two devices: the $ 99 HomePod Mini and the $ 299 HomePod. Amazon, by contrast, has the new Echo Dot ($ 50), the Echo Dot with Clock, the Echo Show 5 ($ 45), the Echo Show 8 ($ 79), the Echo ($ 99), the Echo Show ($ 149) and the new Echo Show 10 ($ 249), not to mention the Echo Auto, the third-gen Echo Dot, and the Echo Flex.

Apple HomePod mini (Image credit: future)