The Most Common Long-term COVID Symptoms Patients Complain

Shortness of breath or experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort while breathing can be a sign that COVID symptoms are getting worse. For many long-term carriers, it could also be a problem that persists for a long time and impacts quality of life.

Since COVID-19 acts on the functioning of the lungs and puts additional pressure on the chest and lung passages to support vital breathing, it is common to experience shortness of breath and chest pain. A sick and tense body will take longer to perform vital functions, and it could be particularly bad for someone who is susceptible to chronic lung infections and respiratory problems. For the same reason, some patients are asked to constantly monitor their oxygen levels, look for signs of problems, and use oxygen support machines such as respirators and concentrators.

If you live in a polluted environment or are prone to lung problems, consider limiting your exposure to the outdoors and engaging in strenuous activities.