The new parliament building is a symbol of self-sufficiency

Kaakateeya The old building is a historic constitutional debate, the design of which is the first government here Many laws, many debates are still approaching for hundreds of years. .. Prime Minister Modi said that it will stand as a milestone in the history of Indian democracy. If the old (current) parliament building guides post-independence India .. the new building to be constructed will stand as a direct witness to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. He hoped that the new parliament would symbolize a modern, self-sufficient India. On Thursday, he performed Bhumi Puja and laid the foundation stone for the Parliament House on New. The event was addressed to guests from across the country and abroad. ‘Patriotism is paramount. Every decision we make should strengthen the country. All the people should decide that India is first. ‘ If Indians tell the history of our democracy to the world, the day when our country will be described as the ‘Mother of Democracy’ is not far off. ‘This day is very historic. A milestone in democratic India. Together we will build a new Parliament House. The new building will be an inspiration as India celebrates its 75th Independence Day in 2022. He recalled the first time he entered the Parliament House in 2014 as an MP and paid homage to the Temple of Democracy before entering. The Prime Minister further said that the present building played a key role. The present Parliament House played a key role before and after independence. However, everyone must accept the fact that the building has been completed for hundreds of years, despite being constantly updated. No longer does it need to rest. If the building is to meet the needs of the country .. 21st century aspirations must be fulfilled in the new building .. Those prophecies have proven wrong .. In the past, Anna said that democracy will not stand in India. All those prophecies have been proven wrong. Indians can proudly say that India is emerging as a key democratic force in the 21st century. Indian democracy is a system based on centuries of experience. Democracy is a way of life in our country .. value .. governance .. way to resolve conflicts. Although policies and politics are different, public service should be the ultimate goal. Debates inside and outside Parliament must reflect a commitment to national service and a commitment to national interests. Every member of parliament is accountable to the people and the constitution. There is nothing more meaningful than keeping this temple of democracy sacred. Everyone should swear that there is no greater purpose in life than to uphold the constitutional supremacy. 200 guests. About 200 guests were present, including Ratan Tata, a prominent businessman who won the construction contract. Harivansh read out messages from President Ramnath Kovind and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. Some intellectuals say that it is a democratic building. However, it is also true that Basaveshwara had earlier mentioned the ‘Basanta Mandapam’ Parliament in the 12th century. In the name of the experience pavilion, he established the ‘Lok Parliament’ and led the way in a democratic manner. During the reign of the Chola dynasty in the 10th century, the panchayat system in the village of Uttaramerur, 80-85 km from Chennai, was inscribed in Tamil on the inscriptions. The Mahasabha existed thousands of years ago. Now it continues. Centuries ago, republics like Sakya, Mallancha and Vejji .. Republics like Licchavi, Kamboja and Kalinga in the Mauryan Empire made democracy the source of governance. In our Vedas written under thousands of years .. especially in the Rig Veda there is a democratic concept of ‘collective effort’. Guru Nanak Devji said the talks should be held democratically as long as the world exists. Under the auspices of Sringeri Math, the responsibility of laying the foundation stone for the new Parliament has been handed over to the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of Karnataka, Prahlad Joshi. He contacted Sringeri Saradapithadhipati Jagadguru Sribharatiteertha Mahaswami. Swami sent a team of six priests (V. Shivakumar Sharma, KS Lakshminarayana Somayaji, KS Ganesh Somayaji, Nagaraja Adiga, Raghavendra Bhatta, Rushyashrunga) to Delhi to perform Bhumi Puja. They performed Guru Puja, Ganapati Puja, Punyahavachanam, Adikesha Puja, Anantha Puja, Varaha and Bhubaneswari Pujas. The Sringeri peetha also sent a special conch and a Navratna peetha to be placed at the place where the stone was to be laid. The circumcision began at 12.55pm. Bhumi Puja was held at one o’clock and interfaith prayers were held at 1.30 pm. Everyone must accept the fact that it has been hundreds of years since the construction of the department building. No longer does it need to rest. If the building is to meet the needs of the country .. The new building must fulfill the aspirations of the 21st century. Prime Minister ModiSource