The value of ‘mega’ gifts is over five crores

The value of 'mega' gifts is over five crores

Mega Daughter Nebula’s wedding was a lavish affair. It was also reported that the younger megastar Chiranjeevi had given a necklace worth crores on the occasion. The fact that they are so far aside, it seems that the wedding gifts to Nebula from all the mega families are definitely around five crores.

Megastar Immortality makes big. It is customary to ask for gifts at a wedding or birthday party at home. Talk that a long time ago the cousin gave his daughter wedding gifts worth millions. One can only imagine the range in which a gift would be given if such a nebulous wedding took place, with the daughter of her own brother, looking over equally with her daughters.

It seems that Ram Charan, Bunny and Pawan Kalyan also gave valuable gifts. It seems that Varun Tej also gave a special gift even though the wedding took place in their house. The total value of the mega prizes seems to be around five crores.