The ‘vicious’ man chases his father with his terrified daughter through the store by a row of threads

A father was stabbed in an “extreme” and “cruel” attack after he asked children to clean a silly thread, and his one-year-old daughter witnessed the horror.

The bully Marlon Nelson was offended that the victim asked his children to clean up the silly rope that they had sprayed at an ATM at the local post office, and he became aggressive.

After exchanging harsh words, the two dads went their separate ways, but Nelson, 40, had terrible violence on his mind, NottinghamshireLive reports.

He took his children to a relative’s house, armed himself with a knife and tracked his victim to a store.

Shocking CCTV captured what happened after Nelson entered the store and attacked the father, who is in his 30s with the knife in front of his daughter and other members of the shocked public.

Marlon Nelson has been jailed

He thrust the knife into the victim’s face and neck as he backed away.

At one point, he thrust a knife towards his neck and narrowly dodged it.

The victim walked away from Nelson, but he followed him through the store while holding the knife.

Nelson then took an item from the shelf and threw it at the victim’s head before leaving the store.

Nelson chased the man through the store.

The victim, who had raised her arms to try to protect herself during the terrifying incident, suffered a cut on her wrist that required hospital treatment.

Police expressed the hope that the man’s daughter can “come through her ordeal.”

They condemned the “gravity of this attack in a public place” which they said showed Nelson to be a clear danger to the public.

He had only made one trip to the post office with his daughter in order to use the ATM, but found himself the victim of a terrifying attack upon encountering a disaster throughout the ATM.

The man tried to back away

Nelson, of Corporation Oaks, Nottingham, attacked the man in a store in Hyson Green, Nottingham, around 3pm on August 24, 2020.

Nelson was arrested after the attack and charged with intentionally injuring and threatening a person with a sharp item in a public place.

He appeared at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday, Thursday 10 December, and was imprisoned for a total of two years and three months after admitting to the crimes.

Nottinghamshire Police Detective Laura McCullough said: “The extent of Nelson’s extreme violence is evident in the CCTV footage.

The knife can be seen in Nelson’s hand.

The victim though would be stabbed in the neck

“The victim was afraid of being stabbed in the stomach and neck and while he was being brutally attacked, his little daughter was present and witnessed what was happening to her father as Nelson continued his attack.

“Given the nature and severity of this attack in a public place, Nelson represents a clear danger to the public and I am pleased that he has been removed from our streets.

“I would like to congratulate the victim for the courage he has shown and I hope that he and his daughter can now come out of their ordeal.

It was scary

Nelson attacked him with the knife in the presence of the victim’s daughter and other people.

“Nottinghamshire Police treat stab crime extremely seriously and, like the communities we serve, we believe there is no place for guns on our streets.

“We will not tolerate people carrying knives in Nottinghamshire and we will always take strong action against anyone found carrying a knife.”