The wedding food is delivered to the guests’ doorstep, see the photos

As we all know, the pandemic has changed the way weddings are celebrated. With no opportunities for a great Indian wedding, people are coming up with new ways to make that occasion as happy and enjoyable as possible. As online weddings have become a new trend, where guests can witness the ceremony via live broadcast, many raised an important question: “Khane ka kya hoga?”

So is. Is a wedding even a wedding without food? So a Tamil family arranged for the ‘Kalyana Sappadu’ or wedding meal to be delivered to the guests at their doorstep!

The guests received 4 colored bags and banana leaves.

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Each of these bags had 4 tiffin conveyors and there were a total of 12 plates packed inside. They also provided the guests with instructions on where to place each item on the banana leaf.

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And there it is! One can enjoy the wedding food while witnessing the wedding online.

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A Twitter user shared the new trend online:

People online loved this idea and thought it was the best way to enjoy a wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Some, however, were sad that they could no longer break weddings!

Congratulations to those who came up with this idea. Countless catering services have suffered financially from the pandemic. We hope these new ideas help you jump-start your business.