The WHO concern has come true!

Monopoly of rich countries in vaccine procurement

Internet Desk: The concern of the World Health Organization from the outset that the corona vaccine should be given equally to all countries has come true. The corona vaccine was heavily purchased by rich countries. Heavily contracted for all vaccines that produce good results. According to a study by Duke University in the United States, this has made it impossible for poor and middle-income countries to get enough vaccines. Monopoly of rich countries .. The study found that rich countries have a purchase agreement for vaccines to fit the entire population. In terms of doses, India bought the highest dose of 1.6 billion doses. The European Union then signed agreements for $ 1.36 billion. America ranks third with 1.1 billion doses. Kovacs, formed under the auspices of the WHO, is followed by Canada and the UK. Demographically, Canada as a whole has agreed to purchase doses that are more than five times the total population of the country. Bought about 601 percent more vaccines than their population. The United States also bought 443 percent more vaccines than their population, the UK 418 percent, Australia 226 percent and the European Union 244 percent more. This is the situation in India. In developing countries, India is able to buy enough vaccine for 59 per cent of its population. Although India is the largest buyer of doses in the world, only 59 per cent of them can be vaccinated. Mexico has 84 percent, Brazil 46 percent and Kazakhstan 15 percent of the population have contracts for adequate vaccinations. The Philippines is at the bottom of the list. Only one percent of the country’s population was able to afford enough vaccines. The Center clarified last week that not everyone in India needs to be vaccinated against corona. Experts believe that vaccination should continue until the epidemic in the country is completely eradicated. In this order it was decided to give the first vaccine to those who were at high risk of contracting corona. As part of that, it was decided to vaccinate medical, sanitary and other emergency services personnel. A total of 260 corona vaccines are in various stages worldwide. About eight of them will be produced in our country. Three of these are domestically developed vaccines. Incumbent President Joe Biden has said that not everyone in America needs to be vaccinated. Dependence on poor countries .. Countries with only 14 per cent share in the world population have contracts for 50 per cent vaccinations. It is unfortunate that only one in ten of these poor countries is vaccinated. Rich countries have already purchased 96 percent of the effective Pfizer vaccine. Experts are concerned that the goal of the WHO-formed Kovacs Coalition, which aims to provide the vaccine equally to all countries, is likely to be watered down. Poor countries are at risk of being plunged into a deep crisis if rich countries do not cooperate with a big mind. At least financial assistance should be provided to increase production on a large scale. Or they warn that poor, middle-class countries are at risk of getting bogged down in a financial crisis and starvation. Read these .. These are habits that reduce immunity! Misconceptions about the Kovid vaccine