There is no Telangana that I do not have

Kaakateeya If not for Siddipet, I would not be there .. This is the land that prepared Telangana .. Dynamic Place Hyderabad development at the level .. Mission Bhagiratha will bring the Siddipet Scheme International Airport here .. The child who gave you such a sincere wish, saved my name and filled the earth with joy: KCR The foundation stone was laid for the 960-bed hospital and more for the Government Medical College. Are role models for the country. Looking at gas, black connections, wide roads, and community buildings with a pipeline to every home, it looks like another alternative town. There is no limit to their happiness if they make home entrances to those homes. I was so excited to see these houses. – KCR Siddipet, December 10 (Andhra Jyoti): ” Siddipet is strong in name, it is not an ordinary area .. the land that prepared Telangana. Without Siddipet, there is no KCR. Without KCR, there is no Telangana. If I resigned as Siddipet MLA and went to Delhi as Karimnagar MP, all of you would have shed tears. Which now retains the name of Siddipet. Brought to Telangana with your blessings. Who is the Chief Minister. I do not have the glory goes to siddipetake ” Rao said that the Chief Minister kecandrasekhar. Bhoomi Puja for construction of IT tower at Nagulabanda in Duddeda village suburb of Siddipet district Kondapaka mandal, CM KCR attended several inaugurations and laying of foundation stone of development projects including double bedroom house at Narsapur in Siddipet suburb. Toured from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. He later addressed a public meeting on the grounds of Siddipet Government Degree College. Siddipet is described as a dynamic place and a developing city on par with Hyderabad. On this occasion he recalled his association with the town since the days when he was the Siddipet MLA. When Siddipet was an MLA, he used to ride bicycles and motors with local leaders for the constituency level ring road, walk on trees and climb hills. Then why the ring road? Some have questioned that .. now it is known what is the need for it. He recalled the days when he was the Minister of Transport and the days when the Collector‌ and other officials met under the trees. KCR said that the Mission Bhagiratha scheme is a perfect Siddipet scheme. “The Mission Bhagiratha project, which provides clean fresh water to households, could be brought in from somewhere in America. This is exactly the Siddipet scheme. When I was an MLA, there were 28 wards in Siddipet town but no matter how many bores were drilled, water would not fall. The same lolls and panchayats at the tankers. That is why I brought fresh water from Lower Manor Dam to Siddipet at that time. The same scheme has been implemented across Telangana. Not only this, I have introduced many schemes and I have become the number one state in the country. International Airport CM KCR announced that an international airport will be set up in the suburb of Siddipet. “The state of Telangana is developing well. Now there is an international airport on the other side of Hyderabad. Need another international airport. It may be on the other side of Hyderabad, ie Shamirpet. Siddipet also did not exist once. Became the center of a population of millions. The town is becoming more and more international. Going forward in terms of tourism, business, development. The northeast of this town is converging, ”KCR said. Harish .. Wise leader Minister Harish Rao showered praises on KCR as a smart leader, tough and doing well. “Harish invited me to come to Siddipet. Tira came here and stood in front of all of you and asked everything, realizing that Barre would not go without putting manure in the manger. Seeing Siddipet made the town so endearing that everyone could learn. Corruption will not happen .. He will benefit the public .. If any gifts are given, he will make the work visible immediately. Assigning a leader like sincerity to Siddipet like my life. That child saved my name. I bless Harish who has fulfilled my dreams and filled my heart with joy, ”KCR commented passionately. The CM said that if he started the work on the Komati pond, Harish would have made it the most beautiful place. CM KCR showers on Siddipet for weeks. It was announced that another one thousand double bedroom houses would be sanctioned for that constituency. The construction of the auditorium cost Rs. 50 crores was declared. Rs 80 crore has been announced for Irkode Lift Irrigation, Rs 4 crore for Siddhipeta to Illantakunta Forelane Road, 75 km ring road from Rajiv Road to Rajiv Road, Rs 25 crore for Komaticheruvu development and Rs 100 crore for Ranganayakasagar tourism. Permission has been granted for Basti Hospital in double bedroom houses and Three Town Police Station in Siddipet. After pouring all the weeks .. ” Will you give more funds to our Siddipet? ‘ It is noteworthy that KCR did not make any political criticisms in his speech. During the five-hour tour .. CM KCR in Siddipet constituency, traveled for five hours and participated in ten events. Bhumipuja paid homage to the Rs 45 crore IT tower at Duddeda. TRS office building constructed in Ponnala suburb was inaugurated. A farmer’s platform was started in Mittapalli. Visited the Mittapalli Pulses Preparation Stall set up there. Government Medical College building complex constructed in the suburb of Siddipet was inaugurated. Bhumipuja was performed at the 960-bed government hospital there. Afterwards we visited the Komati pond in the town. Walked about 1.5 kilometers on the newly constructed Necklace‌ road there. Instructions were given on the work to be done at the pond. A Rs 278 crore underground drainage treatment plant has been inaugurated in the town. A guest house set up in the heart of Ranganaikasagar Reservoir was inaugurated. Have lunch looking at the reservoir waters. MOU with four companies paid homage to KCR land for construction of IT tower at Nagulabanda in Duddeda suburb of Siddipet district hilly zone. The MoU documents on the agreements reached with the representatives of the IT companies were then handed over. Meanwhile, four IT companies have come forward to work in IT towers. KCR MOUs were handed over to representatives of Jolan Technology, ISKCON Tech, M Roads and Net Vision in the US. With 300 people, a total of 900 IT employees will be serving in 3 shifts, a TSIC spokesperson said.Source