There should be a discussion on capital: parakala

‘Rajdhani Vishadam-Amravati’ Documentary Exhibition Visakhapatnam, Dec 9 (Andhra Pradesh): Former government adviser Parakala Prabhakar has said that there is a need for discussion in the civil society regarding the state capital. His documentary ‘Rajdhani Tragedy-Amravati’ was screened here on Wednesday on the developments in the wake of the choice of Amravati as the capital after the partition of the state and the government’s decision to set up three capitals at present. He later told reporters that Amravati, which was supposed to be the administrative center, should be the venue for concerns and concerns today. Those who had earlier defended Amravati as their capital do not know why now. They want to know their experience there when they want to take South Africa as a model and set up three capitals. Parakala said he had spoken to analysts, historians, the general public, lawyers and experts in South Africa in order to make the documentary. In the case of capital, the state is likely to suffer severely as the people, the government and the political parties go head to head. It was revealed that the documentary was made with the intention that an in-depth discussion on the capital would take place in civil society. The documentary was directed by former MPs Undavalli Arun Kumar, Kambhapati Haribabu, former MLAs Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy and Vishnukumar Raju.Source