This is the reason why Renu Desai did not come to Nehru’s wedding ..!

The Konidela Varammai Nebula Wedding was held at the Udaipur Fort in a grand style. The mega family members were all together at the event on December 9th. Pawan Kalyan also went there a day before the wedding and decided to stay there for two days. Not to mention that the whole mega family appeared at this wedding. The shootings were also adjusted specifically for Nebula’s wedding. Pawan Kalyan’s children Akira Nandan and Aadyal were also seen at the wedding. Mega fans were even happier to see them both. Fans are also giving hints that the junior power star is ready in the mega family after seeing Akira who is much taller than Pawan Kalyan.

Everything is fine but one thing is missing in this marriage. That missing name is Renu Desai. The answer is that Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife did not receive a nebulous wedding invitation or not. Because news is also coming that Niharike himself has invited Renu Desai for his wedding. However, it seems that there is a reason behind Nebula not coming to the wedding. In the meanwhile Renu started acting again. She is currently starring in a web series.

On December 9, it was rumored that she could not attend the wedding as she was busy with the shooting. But they also did not say that it was not the perfect cause. Definitely can come if you want to come .. but remembering old memories after getting there .. like Pawan and the rest of the mega family members are all face to face so it is also rumored that Renu skipped this wedding to make everything seem a bit awkward. For whatever reason, Renu Desai sent only her children and stayed away from her nebulous marriage.