This Russian company makes iPhones seem ‘out of the world’

The iPhone, since it first came out in 2007, has been seen as the phone to have. Leading the way in the premium smartphone segment, the iPhone was no stranger to the customization craze.

Gold & Co, a London-based company, took the iPhone to the next level when they launched their limited-edition 24-karat gold-plated iPhones in 2012. Since then, many companies have followed suit in improving smartphones, tablets and other devices. – adding gold, silver and diamonds. You’d be wrong if they thought the iPhone couldn’t get more premium than that.

Enter Caviar, a Russian customization company that went beyond the confines of the Earth in this regard.

As part of its Space Odyssey series, Caviar offers three models: Space Odyssey Mercury, Space Odyssey Moon, and Space Odyssey Mars. Fragment of meteorites that have fallen from the three to the surface of the Earth have been inserted into the bodies of the iPhone 12 Pro, says the website. The pieces are encased in a small bubble towards the bottom on the back of the phone, and the build quality is premium metal.

Base prices for these models are in the range of Rs 4.6-4.9 lakh, with the Moon edition being the cheapest of the three and Mercury the most expensive.

In a 13-year period beginning in 2007, we’ve gone from touch phones to gold phones and phones with a speck-sized portion of space. However, what’s next? As Caviar has shown, the sky is nowhere near the limit.