Triple Mutant Throwing New Challenge To India

New Delhi: Not one..not two … Together the Triple Mutant is throwing a whole new challenge to the country. This third incarnation came to light when the corona plague was raging, with cases approaching 3 lakh per day. There are fears of how devastating this Triple Mutant would be if the Double Mutant caused an international outcry.

Triple mutant means that the virus undergoes three mutations. Three cases of genetically modified corona have been reported in Maharashtra, Delhi, Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The virus was first identified in Bengal, said Vinod Scaria, a scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Genomic and Integrative Biology. ” The triple variant ‘spreads with the wind. Most people are affected, “said Madhukar Pai, a professor at McGill University. Experts say it is impossible to say how harmful the Triple Mutant cases are unless they are fully analyzed.

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