Trump Praises Biden Republican Party In Shock Obama Bush America Afghanistan

President of the United States Biden Former President of the pie Trump Trump’s latest move comes as a surprise to the two leaders in the wake of the turmoil between the two leaders.

  Trump Praises Biden Republican Party In

Why did Trump praise Biden so far? Going into the details of what Biden did.

Biden’s recent withdrawal of troops from the United States at a time when the United States has long been deploying forces in Afghanistan. Afghanistan The main reason for Trump’s happiness is that he has announced that he will not allow American forces.

  Trump Praises Biden Republican Party In Shock- Trump Praises Biden… Republican Party in Shock ..- Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Biden’s decision.

“There is no doubt that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is a wonderful thing, but the deadline is not satisfactory,” Trump said. “We do not need to wait until September.

But September 11 There are two reasons why Trump says Biden will not expire until September 11. September 11 is the saddest day for the United States.

The second reason is that it has been 19 years since US troops were deployed in Afghanistan.

It was asked to take action earlier than the deadline as it would take more time. Obama, Bush Republican leaders have been vocal about Trump’s behavior, with Trump happy to be on the list.

Trump says praising Biden would hurt the party, and that Biden’s decision is more of a loss than a gain, not a positive one.