Twitter is now letting everyone tweet photos in 4K on Android and iOS

Get Twitter ready to start looking a lot crisp – starting today, the company lets all users tweet (and view) photos in 4K on iOS and Android.

The Twitter web app already supports higher resolution images (up to a resolution of 4096 x 4096), but the mobile apps were limited to just half that, with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 2048. The company had started testing Previous 4K image upload. option for mobile users earlier this year, and those tests seem to have gone well, as it now introduces the feature to all users starting today.

To enable the new feature, users will have to go to the “use data” section of the settings menu of the Twitter app and enable “high quality images” (for viewing 4K images) and “upload high quality images. ”(For their tweets). Users can choose whether they would like the higher resolution images to be enabled for cells and Wi-Fi, only Wi-Fi, or completely disabled – options similar to how Twitter handles higher resolution video or playback auto.