Twitter now lets you share tweets directly to Snapchat stories, Instagram support coming soon

Twitter has launched a new feature in its mobile application that would allow users to share tweets directly on Snapchat stories, in a bid for interaction between media to get more users. The company shared the development in a tweet Thursday, adding that Twitter would begin testing a similar feature for Instagram stories for a small group of iOS users soon. Currently, support for Snapchat stories is available to select iOS users and Android users are expected to receive the feature soon. The company has yet to share its global availability details.

IOS users can share a tweet with Snapchat story by selecting a tweet on the platform> Tap the share button> Select Snapchat. It seems that Snapchat users have the option to place the tweet anywhere in the story, in addition to the ability to customize its size. There is a message at the bottom of the tweet on Snapchat that apparently contains the link that redirects users to the Twitter app. It’s unclear if users can share multiple tweets about the same story on the multimedia messaging app. Snapchat users will still have the option to add music and other effects to the story with the tweet, as indicated in the screenshots available on Twitter. The new feature would be useful for those users who enjoy sharing tweets on other platforms, but have to rely on the screenshot functionality. Similarly, professional creators can promote their Twitter account, as the new feature would redirect Snapchat or Instagram users to the microblogging platform.

In other Twitter-related news, the company recently announced that it will discontinue the threaded replies feature after users complained that conversations were difficult for them to read. The social media giant began testing the feature with iOS and web users in May to eliminate clutter in a long Twitter thread. Additionally, Twitter is also shutting down its prototype app, Twttr, which was available to testers since March 2019.