Twitter users can now share tweets directly to Snapchat – here’s how

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Twitter users can now share tweets directly on Snapchat.

Twitter users can now share their tweets directly on Snapchat. Until now, influencers and regular users have been sharing a screenshot of their tweet on Snapchat. Now, the two social media giants have worked together to allow users to share their tweet directly on Snapchat.

Currently available to iOS users, press the share button on a public tweet (private tweets are not supported) and select the Snapchat icon from the share carousel, The Verge reports.

Users can then create a snapshot of the tweet and share it with people, or add it to their stories on Snapchat. “Twitter also says that a small group of iOS users will be able to try sharing tweets on Instagram Stories soon,” the report said Thursday.

The feature will be rolled out to Android users later, according to the report.

Earlier this month, Twitter disabled its threaded response experiment as it made conversations difficult to read and shut down its beta application called twttr, designed for experiments like threaded responses.

The chain response experiment was intended to make the responses easier to read and track, but users gave negative feedback. The microblogging platform is now exploring the next steps for the app as it develops future plans to test new products.

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