UK Prime Minister mistaken over farmers’ concern

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is “perplexed” by the plight of farmers in India. “We are deeply concerned about the India-Pakistan conflict,” Johnson told the UK Parliament. However, it is their bilateral issue. ‘ What actually happened is .. British Opposition MP Tanmanjit Singh spoke in Parliament there on the ongoing farmers’ agitation in India over the past few days. “It is sad that water cannons and tear gas are being fired at peaceful protesters. It is heartbreaking that governments are lathicharging and oppressing rice farmers. Will our Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) talk to the Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi) about this incident? Saying what we are worried about .. Do you want to solve the problem quickly? Does he accept that peaceful protests are a fundamental right of everyone? ” Tanmanjit asked the British Prime Minister. Replying to this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “We are deeply concerned about the conflict between India and Pakistan. However, that is their bilateral issue. The two governments need to work together. ” Everyone there, including Tanmanjit Singh, was taken aback. Tanmanjeet posted a video on Twitter in which Boris made a mistake on the subject of farmers. We need to know what the Prime Minister is reacting to. ‘ The video has already gone viral on social media. Many netizens are satirizing the Prime Minister as to whether he is in space. Although the UK government has so far not responded to the farmers ‘concerns, some MPs from that country have expressed support for the farmers’ concerns in India. The Indian government has been criticized for saying that farmers have the right to protest peacefully. However, this was seriously misunderstood by India. Made it clear that the intervention of foreign representatives in the internal affairs of the country was unacceptable. Read this .. Day 15: Concerns across the country from food donors 14 within elephant borders