Unraveling the knots: Buggana

New Delhi: AP Finance Minister Bugna Rajendranath Reddy has said that he is meeting Union ministers on the funds legally due to the state. Polavaram said the problem arose when the TDP government agreed to the package. Ministers of State Anil Kumar Yadav and Bugna met Union Water Resources Minister Gajendrasingh Shekhawat in Delhi on the Polavaram project. The two ministers then spoke to the media. “We are unraveling the intricacies of the mistakes made by the previous government one by one,” Bugna said. Minister Anil said … “We have discussed with the Union Minister on the issue of funding for the Polavaram project. Polavaram is in trouble due to mistakes made in 2017. They were explained to the Union Minister. He said he was aware of them and would see to it that the project progressed. Drinking water sections were removed in the project. The quorum to keep these too. There is also the issue of drinking water requirements on Polavaram in the Separation Act. The Union Minister responded positively on compensation and rehabilitation. The Union Minister was asked to visit the Polavaram project. Polavaram said he would come within 15 days. We will complete the Polavaram project on time, ”explained Minister Anil.