Vaccine luck

© Namaste Telangana Congratulations to Kovid Vaccine Research, Manufacturing and Production Representatives from 64 Countries in India Biotech, BE Lab Visiting State of India Pharmaceuticals with US Delegation in Hyderabad Somesh Kumar Kumar 33% . Hyderabad has been hailed as a global vaccination center. That said, 33 percent of the world’s vaccines are produced here. She commented that the quest to do good to mankind was seen in Hyderabad. He appreciated that the system here has the power to support many countries. Hyderabad, Namaste Telangana: A team of ambassadors and high commissioners from 64 countries visited Hyderabad on Wednesday as part of the Corona Vaccine Tour. They visited the leading pharma companies in the genome valley, India Biotech and Biological. Inquired about the development of the corona vaccine. He said he was proud to visit Genome Valley. The visit was organized by the Union Ministry of External Affairs to introduce the vaccine research in the country to the world. First the foreign delegation was divided into two groups. One team visited India Biotech and the other team Biological. The respective teams then visited the second company. Inquired about the development of the vaccine. Inspected vaccine manufacturing and production centers. It is known that the vaccine was developed by an Indian biotech company under the name Kovaggin. Biological-The company has partnered with leading US pharma giant Dynavox to develop the vaccine. The experiments on humans will take place later this month. Hyderabad: The productivity of the pharma sector is estimated at Rs 3.68 lakh crore, Chief Minister Somesh Kumar said at a special reception here. He said that the state has made amazing progress under the leadership of CM KCR in the short time since the formation of Telangana. He said the state has been at the forefront in the country for the past few years in the facilitation trade policy (EODB). The city of Hyderabad is geographically central to the country and has excellent connectivity with road, rail and air systems. He said that due to these advantages, the world’s top companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have set up their campuses in Hyderabad. These are the largest campuses outside the United States for these companies. He said the state was a hub for the pharma sector, with a production value of Rs 3.68 lakh crore ($ 50 billion). Hyderabad is thriving as a global vaccination center. He said the state government had introduced a revolutionary reform called TSIpass to allow industries. If the authorities do not give permission within 15 days, the permits will come automatically. He explained that the policy was a wonderful reform and that 14,000 industries had come to the state in the last few years. Industries chief secretary Jayesh Ranjan said the state government was setting up the pharmacy and would launch it in a few more months. In addition, we are setting up a Rs 500 crore Medical Devices Park near the ORR. The attractions to the state are explained through a power point presentation. Suchitra Ella, Joint Managing Director, Kovagjin, spoke at a special event organized by the internationally interested Indian Biotech. Corona vaccine coagulation in the country .. says a milestone in development and production. He said there was international interest in Kovacgin. It has been revealed that many countries are stepping up to provide and supply Kovaggin to their people. The visit of foreign diplomats is a testament to the fact that the whole world is looking towards India to deal with the Corona disaster. CMD Krishna Ella briefed the delegation on the details of the Kovagjin project and the position of India Biotech. The vaccine was developed by ICMR in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology (NIV). Vaccine research is underway in the Biosafety Level-3 lab. Revealed that the vaccine is being produced in the most secure manner. They have a record of producing millions of doses a year. They said they were experimenting with several foreign companies. Barry O’Farrell, Australia’s High Commissioner to the Foreign Delegation, praised India’s biotech and biological efforts in building a great effort by both companies. He came to Hyderabad and tweeted that he was proud to know about the vaccine research and vaccine development going on in both the companies. He praised the infrastructure in both the companies. Hyderabad is a global vaccination center, where 33 per cent of the world’s vaccines are produced. The event was attended by Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs Vinay Kumar, Chief Secretary Vikas Raj, Medical District Collector Swetha Mahanti, Biological MD E Mahima Datla and others. I was happy to come to Hyderabad to learn about the vaccine experiments that delight humanity. The fact that scientists and organizations are working together to combat the corona has made the quest for the good of mankind fascinating. They are not doing the same thing for business or for their own country. The world on the brink of disaster, striving to support every human being. – Hyderabad companies are working hard to build the Danish Embassy in Swain, India. Hyderabad, the global vaccination hub, produces 33% of the world’s vaccines. I am proud to come to Hyderabad and learn about vaccine research and vaccine development in both organizations.- Barry O’Farrell, High Commissioner of Australia Distribution of Vaccine from January! The state Department of Health is preparing to administer the corona vaccine to the people of Frontline Warriors in advance of the exercise. It is understood the vaccine is expected to be distributed from January. Frontline Warriors will be vaccinated before the decision of the Central and State Governments. It is estimated that there are about 80 lakh medical personnel, police and sanitation workers. Information that all of them will be vaccinated for free. Everyone should be given two doses. In view of this it was decided to keep at least 1.60 crore vaccines ready. The vaccination program will be led by state medical director Srinivasa Rao. Once vaccinated, it is basically estimated to be safe for 9-12 months. Medical officials have already held a video conference with district officials to prepare an operation for the distribution of the vaccine. Special medical teams will be set up across the state to administer the vaccine. It is understood that the elderly, who have been vaccinated against frontline warriors, will be vaccinated against those with chronic illnesses. For this, the government has decided to conduct a household survey in two to three weeks to identify those over 50 years of age and those with chronic diseases. The government has set up 33 storage centers at the district level for vaccine storage and 879 storage points at the PH level. It has provided vehicles for transportation. Prepared nurses, ANMs, and hopeworkers to be vaccinated. Each center has a nurse, ANM, Ashaworker. They will be accompanied by representatives of voluntary organizations. All of them are trained on the distribution of the vaccine in Waram.


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