Vijayashanti Takes On Telangana CM KCR

Sakshi, Hyderabad: Vijayashanti, who arrived in Hyderabad for the first time after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, received a warm welcome. She arrived at the party office for the first time on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, Vijayashanti clarified that it is certain that KCR will be ousted in 2023. Dheema expressed that it was the BJP that stood firm against the TRS in Telangana. In addition the CM KCR‌ flagged in earnest. (Vijayashanti goodbye to the Congress party!) ‘Life takes many turns. I fought for Telangana which was in the BJP at that time. The Bharatiya Janata Party had to distance itself for some reason. I joined the BJP on January 26, 1998. After that I worked hard for Telangana for many years … I fought. But for some reason I left the BJP that day. Some parties are against coming to Telangana. That’s why I came out of the party.

I founded the Mother Telangana Party after 2005 for the practice of Telangana Rashtra and fought on many issues. After that TRS‌ was born. KCR felt that it should not wait for TRS. He embarrassed those who made the movements. At one stage, however, KCR’s mother pressured the Telangana party to merge. That’s why so many people were sent to negotiate with me. Although the party did not want to merge .. The party had to merge depending on the circumstances. (KCR slowly injects poison into Congress)

I won as an MP after joining TRS. We then fought for state practice in Parliament. In 2013, I was suspended from TRS by KCR. Everything was pre-planned. The day the Telangana Bill was passed was not even in Parliament. After coming to the state KCR‌ fell on the feet of Sonia Gandhi with her family. Targeted with the intention that no party should be waiting in Telangana after coming to the state.

KCR is a better actor than me. His idea was that there should be no leader stronger than himself. I can’t change the word like KCR. He is the man who cheated the party to merge with the Congress if Telangana is given. Many died for the state of Telangana. KCR is ruling over their corpses. KCR has never loved the people of Telangana. Money is important to him. What will the aristocracy do with the money. You can’t cheat with lies all the time. Change is also coming among the people of Telangana. Dubaka by-election to KCR, GHMC election said people were well minded. BJP will come to power in Telangana in the coming elections. Vijayashanti called for overthrowing the anarchic government and bringing the BJP to power in Telangana.