Vijay’s next film with that young director

Chennai: Who .. Who .. That Director .. The movie ‘Talapati 65’ starring Kollywood superstar Talapati Vijay has aroused a lot of interest. Ending the suspense, the film will be directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. The latest blockbuster product from Sun Pictures has just hit the shelves. Nelson, the director who directed his first film, the comedy thriller ‘Kolamavu Kokila’, is interested in making the film. The film will star beauty actress Nayantara as the protagonist. Young music director Anirudh, who is producing Sun Pictures, will compose the music for the film.

Director Nelson responded .. He shared his happiness about the film on social media platform. ‘My next film is going to be with Talapati Vijay. I was very happy. The film will be an action entertainer. Currently, Vijay’s ‘Master’ is all set to release in 2021 Sankranthi Bari.