Viral News | A woman takes a bite of her husband’s take out lunch every day, reason will melt your heart

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Her husband made the comment once that lunch tasted better when you shared it with someone you love. | Photo credit: Facebook

A woman takes a bite of her husband’s packed lunch every day, and the adorable reason behind doing so has won the hearts of netizens, with many calling their relationship “a role model marriage.”

Tracy Howell, from Texas, used Facebook to share that she has been married to her husband for almost 41 years. “Clifford and I have been married for almost 41 years and I have packed his lunch every business day from day one,” Tracy wrote.

She said: “Sometimes I would join him at work and have lunch with him. He once made the comment that lunch tasted better when you shared it with someone you love.”

This gave Tracy the idea of ​​having lunch with her husband while he was at work. “Shortly after that, while making his sandwich one night, I took a bite out of it before putting it away. When he got home (long before cell phones) he commented that someone took a bite of his sandwich. I told him how he couldn’t join him for lunch, I gave him a bite to let him know I would join him, “he added.

Tracy continued, “I keep doing this a lot (unless it’s tuna or pimento cheese) and he still says, ‘I saw you joined me for lunch today and it sure was good.’

She also posted a photo of the nibbled muffin in a zip-top bag indicating that she’s having lunch with him while he’s at work. Tracy’s sweet gesture towards her husband has won the hearts of thousands of netizens. The post has been shared more than 89,000 times and has more than 24,000 likes.

One user said, “I can see how your love has remained so strong for 41 years.” Another wrote: “Ms. Tracy, those are goals … We all need that person who knows that the bite of his sandwich was his partner.”