We Never Stopped Land Registration Telangana High Court

Witness, Hyderabad ‌: To register non-agricultural assets Telangana High Court Gave the green signal. Clarified once again that stay was not given on registrations. Permission has been granted to register non-agricultural assets in a computer based manner as in the past. The Telangana High Court on Thursday inquired into the registration of non-agricultural assets in the Dharani portal. The tribunal ruled that there was no objection to the old-fashioned registrations. Counsel for the petitioner requested that the CARD system be continued as in the past. It is argued that a PropertyTax ID card is mandatory for registration.

Counsel for the petitioner explained to the bench that the Government had stopped the registrations without giving any stay to the High Court. The High Court clarified that Dharani was told to stop only the details and did not give any stay on the registration. It is suggested that registration be done in PTIN mode along with slot booking. The High Court directed the government to file a counterclaim on the Dharani portal. It further adjourned the case to December 16.