WHO COVID-19 updates app now available: Know details

World Health Organization
Image Source: WHO

WHO COVID-19 updates app now available: Here’s what you need to know

WHO or the World Health Organization has announced the launch of a new mobile app called ‘WHO COVID-19 Updates’. The application, as the name implies, has been developed to keep consumers up to date with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It ensures that consumers only get the right information and do not spread rumors.

Although we’ve seen a number of COVID-19 related apps so far, this one is quite different in that it doesn’t come with any link tracking features. The main focus of the app remains to provide regular users with the correct information about the new coronavirus.

The WHO has not launched the application for the first time. The organization released a similar app back in April. The app was pulled down shortly after the launch as it was not available to the public. However, the app is made for the public only.

Currently, the official app is only available for Android users. The WHO COVID-19 Updates app can be easily found on Google Play Store. Notably, the app works with country-specific data in most regions and is available to Nigerian users only. WHO is working towards making the app available to all users.

Once the app has access to your location, it will provide you with the latest news and updates related to COVID. The app’s home screen shows a count of the number of coronavirus cases in your country as well as worldwide. The app also sends real-time notifications on the latest updates.

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