woaman with see-through legs: Is she human? The devil? If you look at this photo you will also get suspicious – man shocked after spotting ghost waiting at bus stop with see through legs


  • Unexpected shock to a tourist in Croatia.
  • A woman with transparent legs in a photo taken by herself.
  • ‘Image’ that went viral on social media.

That’s itGhosts, demons, monsters .. When you hear about any of them, your heart beats. One person who saw this photo had a similar feeling. Evan Rubil, a 30-year-old tour guide, recently took a photo with his phone camera of a passenger standing at the Zagreb bus stop in Croatia. That photo is very common to look at. But Gubel was heartbroken when he saw the legs of a woman in a brown coat.

Because .. her legs are transparent. The white line at the bus stop is also visible from her legs. With this, Evan looked at the photo two or three times. Shared this photo with his friends. They were all surprised. Some have dismissed it as “your camera trick caboose”. He later posted the photo on his social media page.
The treadmill that crushed the child .. If you watch this video, you will run away!One of them said there was a ghost in your photo. Many people say, “Check that there is something wrong with your camera.” Speaking on the occasion, Evan said, “I also checked the rest of the photos thinking that there was something wrong with my phone camera. But, that photo only got that way. Maybe even what they say may be true. Did the photo come about because of a problem with my camera? ” He said.

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The movie is about Ivan liking Ghost City. He visited the area several times. But, nowhere was his ghost trace found. That’s why he was so shocked when he saw that photo. And, can you tell me what caused her legs to look so transparent?