Xbox Series X best feature fixed

The latest Xbox Series X update has fixed one of the console’s biggest launch issues. Like the PS5, the Xbox Series X didn’t have the smoothest launch. It has had some issues, although luckily nothing like the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death. One of these issues has involved the console’s Quick Resume feature, which allows players to suspend multiple games at once and jump from side to side. another in seconds. It’s an incredibly impressive feature and one for which the PS5 has no answer. However, it is only impressive when it works.

At launch, Quick Resume was not working as advertised. In fact, it wasn’t working at all. And this remained the case for weeks after launch. However, a new update has been rolled out that should (emphasis on should) nip this in the bud. According to Microsoft, games that didn’t work with Quick Resume should now support the feature.

At the moment, it is unclear if the feature is universally compatible with all Xbox Series X games, and it is unclear if games that do not work with Quick Resume will continue to be a problem in the future as more games are released from the Xbox. Xbox Series X. Whatever the case, by now, many Xbox users report that the feature works as intended.

Quick Resume might not sound like a great feature, but it’s one of the few things that sets the Xbox Series X apart from the PS5, and it’s a feature the console needs to combat the PS5’s superior SSD. Sony’s patents from earlier this year revealed that it is experimenting with the feature for PS5, but right now, if you want Quick Resume, you’ll need to copy an Xbox Series X.

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