Yard guard!

© Namaste provided by Telangana yard guard! When we go to any temple .. we see Gajrajs walking solemnly with addresses on the premises. We observe the people who place the tenth in our hands and bless us with the elephant tusk. We are content to put half a banana in a note. Sangeetha Iyer did not stop there. There was a big movement to torture them in the name of festivities and processions. Wrote a book with the same theme. A documentary will be released soon. ‘Elephants are gradually becoming extinct in the country which is considered to be every form of Ganesha. At present their number is only in the tens of thousands. Five hundred elephants have died in the last iden- tities due to electric shocks. Who is responsible for this? ‘ Is questioned. With her initiative many elephants were freed from shackles. ‘There should be only God in the temple. Music is strongly opposed to traditional gajavahanotsavas with the slogan ‘Not an elephant’. If you purchase anything through the links provided in this article, you may receive an Affiliate Commission from Microsoft.


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